Mutual Funds have created quite a stir in the investment industry and many want to invest in them. But some people are still unaware of the term, “folio number in mutual fund”. So for beginners let us tell you that this number is an identification provided by the institution to its clients. Just as we have a unique bank account number, so does the mutual fund recognises us with the unique folio number. 

Every mutual fund investor will be allotted a unique folio number attested to their funds. Unlike a bank account number, a folio number is a singular unit where multiple fund shares can be attested. However, the shares can be seen by the investor in the scheme. The reason for issuing a folio number can be to count stored funds and create genuine records systematically. 

The folio number meaning and purpose are based upon segregating the funds and having quick access to the mutual fund statements. The statement can help resolve many disputes. The folio column is left blank during the time of application, and the number will only be generated after the fund owner makes their first investment with the firm. The client may surely acquire different folios under different funds, but getting an AMC to merge the different fund holdings under a single number is best. 

How Does Folio Number Benefits The Mutual Fund Investors?

As you can see for yourself, folio numbers are an integral part of mutual fund investments as they are the unique code featuring all the shares owned by an investor. So, let us note down the many benefits of a folio number. 

  • As soon as people invest, they are permitted to check mutual fund folio number. This number is crucial for checking the statement and keeping track of the investor’s records. 
  • You do not need different folio numbers for different funds. Even doing so can give you a tough time with the AMC. Getting all funds under one folio number is much safer. Although the funds are combined under one folio number, they can be traced on the mutual fund statement. 
  • Using the folio number, the entire investment records can be tracked down. Apart from the transaction history, it will also help dig up the investor’s contact numbers. 
  • The investment statement tracks every detail, from the time of the investment, different investment amounts, interests and the total account standings. Hence, it can track the investments of a specific period. 
  • The folio number inherently makes things easier for Asset Management Company.
  • . Using this, you can derive the exact list of units almost instantly. 
  • The application for folio numbers is highly tied to the KYC verification process. 
  • With all your funds and units placed under one folio number, it becomes more accessible for the AMC to believe your investments to be authentic. 

Relevancy Of A Folio Number To Mutual Fund investors

Like the bank account statement, the mutual fund statement is equally important to the fund holders. The statement tracks the trail of your investments and summarises it for better understanding. Thus, the folio in mutual fund holds great importance to the investor. You can check the folio number while making investments. 

Investments under a single folio number make it easier for the investor and AMC. The mutual fund company will email you a soft copy of the mutual fund investment statement within a few days of the investment. Moreover, they will mail you a hard copy of the statement to your home through the postal services within a week or so. 


Mutual funds are an excellent opportunity for people from different walks of life to invest and save money. They give you better returns than the usual savings account interest in the bank. The importance of folio number in mutual fund is undeniable. This folio number helps the investor keep track of all investments and be in line with AMC without any hassle. Time to brace up and take a step toward smart investment.